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    February 2005    
This 1976 Monte Carlo is owned by
Dustin Denner





The Story.......
"I am the proud owner of a 1976 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau.  Its GM Firethorn metallic with a white, half vinyl top and white vinyl interior with bench seats and white and dark mahogany trim.  This car has been in my family since 1978 when my grandfather purchased it used with 27K miles on the odometer.  When he purchased it, it came with the stock 145-horse 350 2-barrel, TH-350 transmission, 2.73 non-posi rear and single exhaust.  In 1987 he had the car repainted and a new vinyl top put on the car.  The stock 15x7 Turbines were replaced with the current 15x7 chrome American Racing wire-basket wheels.

In May, 2000, he returned to the same dealership he purchased the 栦rom and bought a new 2000 Monte Carlo LS.  The salesmen were very disappointed that he didnലade the 栦or it.  In June, 2000, he handed over the keys to me for my high school graduation present.  I had the car for a little over a year before I wrecked it.  But that wasn't the end of the car.  I, with the help of my brother, father and grandfather, got the car repaired in about a month.  That started my obsession with getting the car completely restored.  In April, 2003, I had the seats re-upholstered.  In June, 2003, I pulled out the old motor and replaced it with a Golen Engine Service 350 small block and had the transmission rebuilt with a TCI Saturday Night 2000-stall converter.  New headliner was installed in July, 2004 and I removed the air conditioning and installed an A/C delete box.

This year will be the year I will finally get my car restored... to an extent.  Plans for this year include a 73 Monte Carlo tachometer gauge cluster, aftermarket oil pressure gauge, straightening the frame, body and paint work, a new vinyl top, new lower door panels, restoring the plastic trim, Headman headers, dual Catco catalytic converters, dual 2.5-inch pipe, dual Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers, 3.73 rear end gears with an Eaton posi, and BF Goodrich 235/60-15 Radial T/A white letter tires.  There are a couple other miscellaneous items I didn't mention, but you should get the idea.  My plan is to turn this awesome cruiser into an awesome sleeper.  Keep it stock looking, but put some muscle under the hood."

Dustin Denner



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