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January 2004

This 1978 Monte Carlo and 1979 Monte Carlo
is owned by Dan
and Annette Strahm


The 78.....


The 79.....


The Story..... 

It all started in high school.  At the age of 15, my dad purchased a maroon 1979 Monte Carlo with a stuck V-6 for $250.  A little later, he found a wrecked 1978 Monte Carlo with a 305, and only 50,000 miles.  Over the next 2 summers, we swapped the engine & transmission and repainted the car.  I drove that car for the summer between my junior and senior year, and then, like a teenage idiot, I crashed it into a utility pole that November.  The Monte was totaled and unable to be saved.  We got a check from the insurance company and we kept the wrecked car for parts.

A couple weeks later, I spotted an ad in the newspaper for a black 1978 T-top Monte Carlo.  My dad and I went to look at the car and ending up buying it for $900.  We then proceeded to replace the cobbled-up 350 with the low mileage 305 from my first car.  After the engine installation, the car was disassembled for painting.  The doghouse, doors, and interior were removed and the sandblasting began.  Even though this 1978 Monte Carlo still had itডctory original Black paint with Gold painted pinstripes, there was a lot of pinhole rust apparently hiding just under the original paint.  In the end, we ended up replacing the rocker panels, the lower portion of the rear quarters, the upper windshield header, and even the rear frame rails.  After the new paint we installed a complete dual exhaust system from a wrecked Monte SS.  All this work was done in the winter and spring of 1990 in time for my High School graduation (thanks Dad !).Longchamp pliage Pas Cher

My black 1978 Monte Carlo never again saw another Indiana winter, but was still driven to college, work, and our wedding.  Finally, in 1998 I rebuilt the entire suspension.  New coil springs were installed (85 Monte Carlo SS spring rates).  All the bushings were replaced with PST urethane bushings, and I even ︥d䨥 rear control arms.   Every brake component was replaced, and the entire underside of the car was cleaned and painted with POR-15. 

While I have worked on nearly every part of the 1978 T-top, I堯nly had to change the oil in my 1979 Monte Carlo.  I discovered this very unique Monte Carlo while surfing Ebay one evening in March of 2002.  The auction listing, while sounding unbelievable, was poorly written, brief, and provided no photo of the car.  I almost disregarded the listing as a mistake, but I decided to e-mail the seller for more information and some pictures.  The next day I received about a dozen pictures of the car and its䯣umentation, and I learned that this Monte Carlo was being sold by an Iowa Ford car dealership (and was currently sitting on the showroom floor).   The idea of owning a nearly new 23-year-old Monte Carlo sounded pretty cool, and over the next week I discussed this car with my friends, family, and wife.  After a long discussion, she agreed to let me place a bid on the Monte Carlo on the final day of the auction.  However, since the auction bidding did not reach the reserve price, the auction time ran out without the car being sold.  louboutin schuhe herren

The following day I telephoned the dealer, and after a few phone calls, the deal was made for me to purchase the car and to pick it up the following Saturday morning.  The only down side to the whole deal was the conditions that my wife placed on the transaction.  In exchange for her allowing me to purchase this Monte Carlo, I had to agree to complete a small list of home projects, and I had to agree to a 1year ban from Ebay.  No cars, no parts, no CD젮o junkthing. 

            Through my discussions with the Ford dealer, and the original owner, I have learned that this 1979 Monte Carlo was purchased 榭the-lotﮠMarch 20, 1979 with 354 miles on the odometer.  The couple had always wanted a new car, and since they were trading in a 1973 Monte Carlo, they thought that this black and red 1979 would be perfect.  Through the years, their new 頍onte Carlo was always garaged, licensed and insured.  It was driven occasionally to church and around town on special occasions (they never drove it farther than 50 miles from home).  After owning this car for 23 years, the original owners traded their pampered 1979 moncler daunenjacke damen Monte Carlo in on a different car, a USED Pontiac.  While the 79 Monte Carlo had only 2,787 original miles when I picked it up with my truck and trailer, over the last two summers I堡dded 1,100 miles without experiencing a single problem. 

1978 Monte Carlo Landau

305 V-8
60/40 split bench seat
Factory gauges
Dual exhaust
Chevy rally wheels
PST bushings & SS springs

1979 Monte Carlo

305 V-8
Cloth bucket seats and console
Air Conditioning
Factory gauges
Original paint
Original tires
Original everything
3,950 miles



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