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Welcome to the home of The Monte Carlo Owners Association!  With 6 generations of Chevrolet Monte Carlos, we are here to bring Monte Carlo owners together.  If you own a nice original, restored, or customized Monte Carlo we want to see and allow you to show others your car. Members of the National Monte Carlo Owners Association can have the Monte Carlo pictures published on our web pages.


In 1983, Ben Shipe had an idea for a
Monte Carlo club.  At the time, Ben owned a 1971 Monte Carlo and found that there were no car clubs anywhere in the country that catered exclusively to the Monte Carlo.  To Ben, it seemed that a really great car was being overlooked.  Ben knew what he wanted to do, but he wanted a partner in this venture that would share both the expenses and the work involved.  That is when Ben turned to his old high school buddy, Larry Ashcraft.  As luck would have it, Larry was also employed at the same place as Ben.  Larry was very enthusiastic about the idea.

The first thing that they had to address about starting an association exclusively for the
Monte Carlo, was the cash investment that this new venture would require.  Ben and Larry knew that to get this new organization up and running in a BIG way, that it would take thousands of dollars.  They knew they would need to be everywhere with the advertising…. and that only the more expensive display ads would give this new national organization a chance to get “off the ground”.  It was pretty tough in the beginning, and they did have some concerns that they would not get enough members to keep the NMCOA going.

The first issue of our bi-monthly magazine "Class of Monte Carlo" was published in March of 1984.  Even though some of our first members wanted to have a Convention the very first year, Ben and Larry didn’t feel “safe” that they could pull enough members together to make it a successful event.  The first annual Monte Carlo Convention was held in 1986, the club’s second year of existence.  The first Convention/Show went really well, so they decided to have one every year.  Our BEST turnout was in the early ‘90’s in
Columbus Ohio when we had 265 Monte Carlos at the show.

We began with a handful of Chevrolet Monte Carlo enthusiasts and in a few short years have grown to include members in all parts of the United States, most provinces of Canada and numerous foreign countries.  We have seen more than 16,000 members come and go over the years.  That is hard to believe for some, but not for us.  Things change for everyone over the years… and 19 years would be a long time for someone to keep a car… any car!  Life changes, folks move on to other things… our lives are constantly changing.

Ben said that “if someone would have told me that we would still be around in 2003, I probably would not have believed them.”  “Our plan… it’s simple!  As long as there are enough members out there who enjoy being members and will support their club, we plan to be around”.

The NMCOA is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the Chevrolet Monte Carlo automobile.  It doesn't matter if your Monte Carlo is original or customized, new or old.  We have a place for you.  We are the only club exclusively for Chevrolet Monte Carlo owners and enthusiasts.   We pride ourselves on being a family-oriented organization and prefer to promote events that will involve the entire family.  The best opportunity to meet and associate with other Monte Carlo enthusiasts is at the annual
Monte Carlo Owners Association National Convention (Monte Nationals), which is held in a different location each year.  In addition to the national club, the NMCOA also sponsors local chapters across the country.

Our first priority at NMCOA is to provide our members with an up-to-date bi-monthly magazine and to help them find parts and information they may need.  Members of the NMCOA are also permitted free classified ads in our club magazine.  One of our most valuable services that we offer to our members is our efforts to keep the Monte Carlo tradition alive and well.

Passing the Torch............

After 22 years of owning and managing the NMCOA, Larry Ashcraft and Ben Shipe have transferred the ownership of the NMCOA and all rights associated with this organization to the Harvey's.  The transfer was completed on October 21st, 2006.

First and foremost, I want to thank Larry Ashcraft and Ben Shipe for over 22 years of devotion to the NMCOA. Both gentlemen have been very helpful during this transition and I truly appreciate their input and help.

A word or two from the Management Director

Before I share some of our vision for this organization, I would like to introduce my family. I have been married to Cindy for 35 years. Cindy is my love, my friend, and my support. I am so lucky to have a wife that enjoys the same interests as I do....... maybe more than I do! We have 2 wonderful daughters; April and Melissa. Both of our children have grown up around our Monte Carlos and the car clubs that we all enjoy.

Prior to taking over the NMCOA, I have served this organization in many capacities since joining in 1994. Prior to taking on the Management duties, I served 4 years on the Convention/Monte Carlo Nationals committee; serve as the webmaster and moderator for the NMCOA website & discussion forum; served as a Gold Class judge at the shows; and just about anything else I could do to help Larry, Ben, and the members of the NMCOA.

Cindy, April, and Melissa have also been heavily involved in the annual Convention for several years.

The Harvey's are committed to giving 100 percent effort to this organization. However, it is you, the member, that is the backbone and support that will keep this organization fun, family oriented, and around for all of our children, family, and friends to enjoy in the future. It will be important for us to help keep the Monte Carlo history, tradition, and fellowship available for others to experience and appreciate.

Thanks.......... The Harvey's (John, Cindy, April, & Melissa)

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